I can think of few but one service in particular comes to mind. Facebook Live. Facebook Live is a great tool and I am not here to down it but it has one feature that has caused some confusion for us Apple users. Streaming in landscape mode while using my iPhone wasn’t working properly.
Facebook Live

Although Facebook Live showed the correct orientation it streamed the wrong orientation and the video was sideways. I tried removing the screen lock prior to going live and still no change. It turns out the fix was much simpler than I thought! In order to do landscape mode on an iPhone, you must change one setting that is not at all obvious. That setting is Display View Zoom. Setting the value to “Standard” under the display and brightness setting was not at all obvious. It drove me crazy that it was something so simple but yet seemingly unrelated!
display view settings affect landscape mode?

I think there are a few options here depending on the programming. A true fix will take some extra QA, regression testing and specific device tests. Warn the user when this setting is enabled. (If possible). Let Facebook know of the issue and your frustration with it. Submit a bug fix and alert the team! They may not be aware of the issue.

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