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Sharepoint 2013 Library and Files Tab Disappearing After Migration?

If your tabs are mysteriously disappearing after a recent upgrade to Sharepoint 2013, you might be wondering why. If so, you are in luck because it may be a simple fix. I found my issue stemmed from web parts on the library/list app page. Sharepoint 2013 provides you with a way to add web parts […]

Sharepoint 2013 breadcrumb in document library

Creating breadcrumbs in Sharepoint 2013 Document Library Pages and List Views

While doing development on a Sharepoint 2013 enterprise page, I noticed that the theme did not have the breadcrumb option by default on document library pages or list views. While it did have this option on regular pages, it was missing from lists and document libraries. While looking for a custom solution, I came across […]

Affordable Care Act Mistakes in their newsletter

Hopefully the White House proof reads the Affordable Care Act better than they do their emails about it…

I don’t normally comment on politics on this blog. I don’t really care for politics. However, when the White House sends me an email, I expect them to at least prood read it. It really makes me lose trust in our government when it comes to writing bills when they can’t even spell check their […]

php array values

A simple way to validate an html input form against a php array

Validating input based on an array collection can be very useful. It’s a great way to limit the user’s ability to insert invalid input. This can help in adding an extra security blanket inside your web page. Let’s say your application uses a url $_POST variable and a query to select a courseName from the […]

Palms band

New group: Palms featuring Chino Moreno from Deftones and Members of ISIS.

Palms is a new supergroup featuring frontman from The Deftones and members of ISIS. They played their first show recently. Here is a sample of one of their new tunes. It of course has a very “deftones-esque” sound because of Chino’s voice, but it’s not nearly as hard and a bit more emotional. It also […]

Korg Nanokey 2

Korg Nano Key 2 Review

The Korg NanoKey 2 is a great keyboard for the traveling musician. It features 2 octaves of keys and acts as a midi controller through usb. It will even work with an iPad / iPad mini (Note: it does not work with an iPhone due to the power consumption). My favorite thing about the Nanokey […]

Apple earpods survive washer and dryer

Apple Earpods survive a washing

Say what you will about Apple’s new earpods. They may not be the best sound you can get, but they certainly  aren’t the worst either. They have a nice range and unfortunately I found out another great feature. They will survive being washed and dried. When I pulled the crinkled curled headphone wire out of […]

The New Madrid Fault Line

Track Release: New Madrid Fault Line “Blue Sky Divide”

Here is another track release from The New Madrid Fault Line entitled “Blue Sky Divide.”  Take a listen and let them know what you think!!


The 5 best piano/synth “midi-enabled” apps for iOS

iOS has some incredible music capabilities. It’s the one area that I think it excels over android and blackberry. The fact that you can connect midi and or usb midi controllers is a definite plus for any keyboardist. I’ve personally worked with quite a few piano apps over the past few years. I wanted to […]

Opeth - "Demon O fThe Fall" (Acoustic)

Opeth @ Pop’s Night Club, May 16, 2013 – “Demon of the fall” (Acoustic Version)

Opeth gave St. Louis, MO a special treat on May 16, 2013. They played at Pop’s Night Club in Sauget, Il. They played a special version of their infamous song “Demon of the Fall.” For those who are familiar with Opeth, the song is one of their well-known tracks from the album “My Arms Your […]